High Strength MgSO4 Class A1 Fireproof Mgo Board for Interior Floor Walls

Magnesium oxide board (commonly known as MgO Board) is created by magnesium oxide (MgO), MgSO4 or MgCL2, perilite, etc. As the famous saying "every journey begins with the first step". We chose the high quality raw materials for the first step. 

12mm Fireproof Magnesium Oxide board factory price for market

Our board is made of the high-purity magnesium oxide, using the magnesium Sulfate (MgSO4) instead of Magnesium Chloride. This makes the board anti-hanlogenation and also solves the rust problem. To increase the strength of the board, we use thick fiber mesh on both sides. 

High Quality 100% abestos free fiber cement exterior panel

Wood grain fiber cement board is a kind of decorative fiber cement board, with high temperature and high pressure steaming treatment. It is prepainting in our factory. It is waterproof and popularly used for exterior wall siding and cladding. 

OCM Brand lightweight low density EPS MgSO4 Mgo cement board

Lightweight MgSO4 board is using EPS particles to replace wood chips, which can make it more lightweight, in a lower density. It performs better in fire retardant, sound and heat insulation, more stable dimensions without feed mold or mildew. 

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